Here’s an overview of the components that make up FeedHenry.

Client SDKs

Native and hybrid SDKs for mobile app development.

FeedHenry supports a wide range of mobile development technologies. We provide support for native iOS, Android, Windows, Xamarin, Cordova, and other HTML5 app frameworks.

App Templates

Starting points for building your applications with FeedHenry.

We’ve developed app templates for iOS, Android, Xamarin, Cordova; OAuth2 and SAML examples, push notification and data synchronization examples, and many more. We’ve highlighted a few of the popular ones below.

Find a complete list of templates here.

Push Notifications

Integration with AeroGear for sending push notifications to any device, regardless of platform or network.

In 2012, Red Hat launched its first mobile related research project, titled AeroGear. AeroGear’s goal is to provide flexible, extensible libraries and server side components that simplify mobile development and infrastructure setup across platforms.

In December 2015, the UnifiedPush Server from the AeroGear project was integrated into FeedHenry. This provides FeedHenry users the ability to send push notifications to any device, regardless of platform or network.


FeedHenry Command Line Interface


WorkForce Management Platform


The FeedHenry Mobile Backend as a Service is a set of services to support applications that serve as a backend for Mobile Apps.

Data Synchronization

A set of Mobile SDKs & Node.js module for client/server data synchronization with offline support.


The FeedHenry Data Synchronization framework includes the following features:

  • Allows mobile apps to use and update data offline (local cache)
  • Provides a mechanism to manage bi-directional data synchronization from multiple Client Apps using the Cloud App and into back-end data stores
  • Allows data updates (that is, deltas) to be distributed from the Cloud App to connected clients
  • Enables data collision management from multiple updates in the cloud
  • Allows Apps to seamlessly continue working when the network connection is lost, and allows them to recover when the network connection is restored.


Node.js Module

Client SDK’s

Browser (javascript)

Coming Soon


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Build Farm

A suite of tools and modules that can be used to automate the process of building mobile applications on Kubernetes/OpenShift using Jenkins.