What is FeedHenry?

FeedHenry is a cloud-based enterprise mobile application platform that enables users to design, develop, deploy and manage applications for mobile devices. The platform specializes in extending enterprise systems to mobile devices, and provides mobile-specific services for security, notifications and data synchronization. Developers can easily build backend logic that supports their mobile applications—all in a secure, scalable manner.


FeedHenry was initially built by a mobile application services company of the same name based in Waterford, Ireland. In September 2014, Red Hat acquired FeedHenry, and in keeping with their philosophy, began the process of open-sourcing the platform. Following the acquisition, FeedHenry’s supported offerings were released under the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform brand, and the “FeedHenry” name was retained for releasing related open source projects.


For most of its life, FeedHenry has been a closed-source SaaS product. Therefore the open-sourcing process has been gradual. Here are the components that make up FeedHenry:

Component Description Source Code
Client SDKs Native and hybrid SDKs for client app development on iOS, Android, Windows, Xamarin, Cordova, and in web apps. Available
Push Notifications Integration with AeroGear for sending push notifications to any device, regardless of platform or network. Available
App Templates Starting points for building your applications with FeedHenry, including templates for iOS, Android, Xamarin, Cordova; OAuth2 and SAML examples, push notification and data synchronization examples, and many more. Available
RainCatcher A set of Node.js modules that can be used with FeedHenry to develop workforce management applications. Available
Core The core components that make up FeedHenry, including drag & drop forms builder, application lifecycle management, reporting, analytics, user management, and more. Coming soon
Data Synchronization A set of Mobile SDKs & Node.js module for client/server data synchronization with offline support. In Development
MBaaS Provides the Node.js runtime environment for high-performance server-side apps (cloud apps) and enables secure integrations with internal systems behind the firewall. Available
Build Farm Automates the app build process, maintains a history of previous builds, and provides the ability to create builds for platforms without requiring the associated infrastructure and tools (e.g. building iOS binaries from a Linux OS). Available