Website redesign

Happy New Year! Today we launched a redesigned version of There are a few goals we had with this redesign:

  1. Make it crystal clear what FeedHenry is and why someone from the open source community might want to use it or contribute to it.
  2. Improve the text around what each FeedHenry project is and how it maps to our many GitHub repositories.
  3. Clearly display our communication channels and how the community can get in touch with us if they want to get involved.

There’s still a lot more work to do—most importantly adding documentation on how an interested developer or user can get started with FeedHenry—but this lays the groundwork for quick, iterative improvements.

If you spot any problems, do not hesitate to create an issue in our GitHub repository or, if you’re inclined, open a pull request. Suggestions for improvement are always welcome!